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The Dragon- Rat pairing is similar to the Dragon -Monkey pairing in its success opportunities according to Chinese astrology philosophy. The Dragon in Chinese philosophy is larger than life. It is the creature of legend as well as myth and is considered to be divine. This chinese sign delivers good fortune and authority and these individuals are typically respected and honored.

Libra / Horse & Virgo / Dragon Compatibility

Natural charisma, power and luck follow in the path of the these people. Their personality is larger than life and love to do things on a grand scale. They also sets high standards for themselves and for others around them. Because of their ability to raise money, a career choice that includes humanitarian projects can be welcomed by their employers.

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They know how to earn respect from others. Leadership and authority is almost always inherent in their personality and they are recognized by their colleagues. They always desires freedom to explore and roam, but also likes constant new challenges. Their personality tends to rise to the top of almost any career that they undertake, but they may need to be reined in at times to keep them from leading the business into dangerous territory.

Their best job choices include photojournalist, lawyer, astronaut or prime minister. The Metal Dragon: This forceful Dragon is a warrior in every sense. He fights for his cause with integrity, dignity and truthfulness, regarding his beliefs with fanatical intensity. An action man, he wastes to time with those he deems unworthy, concentrating his efforts in enlisting the company of those he feels are on the same level as he, morally, socially and mentally.

But if they if they disagree with his will, this Dragon does not hesitate to go off on his own, feeling perfectly capable of defeating whatever needs to be defeated with his one- man army. The Water Dragon: Softened by the water element, this Dragon is less selfish, more patient and less likely to hold grudges. He believes that everybody is entitled to his opinion, and can put aside his ego for the greater good. Wise in business, he has brilliant timing and an eye for opportunity which he rarely lets pass him by.

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With a knack for marketing his dazzling ideas and negotiating it to his advantage, he uses patience seldom seen in Dragons to see things through to success. The Wood Dragon: This creative Dragon is an explorer by nature, always coming up with ground-breaking thoughts and ideas. Nonetheless, he possesses the ability and the drive to put these original ideas into action, using diplomacy and an astute sense for business.

The Fire Dragon: Driven, competitive and with a tremendous desire for success, this Dragon demands the a lot from everyone and we mean everyone. She frequently comes across as pushy and dictatorial, with an air of superiority that scares people into thinking she expects them to get down and do fifty push-ups at the snap of her fingers. Despite her righteous and over-zealous way of imposing her will on others, inside she is a generous and truthful humanitarian.

If she could learn to communicate more humbly and less brutally, she has the strength of character to build empires and lead nations. The Earth Dragon: The aristocrat of Dragons, he keeps his poise and refuses to go down to levels he feels is beneath him. More stable, solid and self-controlled than his fellow hot-headed Dragons, he tends to reflect and organize his thoughts before acting upon them.

He has a wide variety of interests, and an even larger circle of friends and admirers.

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They cherish taking risks. They will be well off and intense.

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They never stress, depending on common fortunes to see them through. They don't conceal their emotions.

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