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However, these weaknesses turned into skills later on in life. They made you persevere and be strong which in turn bring you big accomplishments and self-fulfilment. People born in December must focus on education in order to achieve their goals. During youth, they are very concerned with making money, and therefore the most important thing for them is to learn to balance giving and receiving.

December is the month of Sagittarius and Capricorn. If you are born in the second half of the month you are governed by Capricorn, hence by Saturn. Natives of Capricorn are disciplined, loyal, serious, practical, and success-oriented. They hardly gain confidence in others. Capricorn has a strong sense of reality, focusing on essentials. He is diligent, persistent, thrifty, and righteous. Natives of Capricorn are people one can rely on. They methodically spend their energy and climb slowly towards their ambitious goals.

A Capricorn avoids experiments. The profession they have skills for are engineer, administrator, builder or craftsman usually professions related to the earth. If the Sun is badly aspected, the native of Capricorn can think and act selfishly, is inclined to overstatement, is stubborn, hypocritical and, because of his distrust in others, he hardly opens his heart.

In regard to health, natives of Capricorn are more exposed to chronic than acute diseases, yet they are threatened by fractures, injuries, especially to the knees or joints, rheumatism, colds, stomach problems and skin, as well as in metabolic disorders. December is classified as a winter month, which has eight letters. To be born in December, the twelfth and last month from the numerology perspective it means that your gemstone are the blue topaz and the turquoise.

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Your flowers are the narcissus, orchid and poinsettia. Your main qualities are courage, calmness, certainty, and success. Skip to main content. Dream Dictionary A-Z Explore. Superstitions Dictionary Popular superstitions uncovered.

Astrology of December 28, 2018

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Your daily horoscope: December 28

Who know's what is in store for you! Check out your birth date meaning. December 28 th is the day of the simple sophisticated. Summary of your characteristics Tend to interact on an equal level. Take time to explain yourself and be convincing. Listen to objections and do something about them.

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Frequent mood swings characterise them. These people have many of these characteristics — they also have a good mind with a great interest in detail. Many of them are interested in science, and generally, Capricorns are often found in the area of science, rather than in jobs that require creativity and artistic skills. But still, if they are in front of such task, they will do solid work.

Those who are born on December 28 are the people who are very skilled and know details, for example, they can be a chemist or an electrician, maybe even surgeons. No matter what they choose to be, they will do all of their tasks with the same dedication and enthusiasm.

Internally they have kindly nature, and during their lives, these people try to solve some of the puzzles of the universe and the mystery of existence. These Capricorns are very open and honest in communication, maybe not overly spacious, but they are not closed as other Capricorns are.

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  5. In everything these people do and think there is a certain degree of seriousness, but they are ready to do what they want regardless of the consequences. Additionally, people who celebrate their birthdays on December 28 respect justice, and are righteous and appreciate righteousness in others. Unfortunately, they look for the mistakes of others, but they must learn to ignore them and not to become obsessive with others, we all make mistakes.

    Venus enters Sagittarius

    This characteristic can never bring anything good into a relationship between people — no matter how much intentions are honest. Even if by looking at these people born on December 28, you might think that they are rigid and cold, these people can be ultra-sophisticated, flirtatious, charming enough, but they can be clumsy and frightened when they feel deep love. All representatives of this date strive for a career, but this does not necessarily mean that they put love and marriage in the second place. Love maybe yes, but marriage is not. Marriage represents their ultimate goal — it is a symbol of everything that they have imagined in their mind: status, reputation, and honor.

    If they can reach it, that means in their heads that they made their lives meaningful. As they are, in fact, successful or ambitious, they feel that they have not achieved anything unless they add a marital and family dimension in their life. And they are looking for perfect lovers, someone who is lovely, desirable and achievable. After all, for whom to create, to build, and to fulfill the role they have come to this world.

    Gemini, dreams can come true. You can gain a sense of security through a friend that makes you feel good inside. This can be an ex boyfriend or girlfriend who has remained friends with you and understands your ups and downs. A relationship can redevelop, too. Cancer, this is a time for talking and having fun with the people you love.

    Do you enjoy board games? Perhaps try playing one that allows you to ask probing questions and to get to know people you are not as close to as you'd like to be.

    December 28 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

    Leo, gifts are something special. You may feel like you received a special gift, either literally or emotionally. A fulfilling interaction can give you a sense that life is good and it's only improving. Virgo, re-examine life's plans. You can decide more clearly on what you need to do and what you need to change. You may not want the additional help that is offered at this time.


    Some work you will just want to do for yourself. Libra, let things go. Someone can say something that seems intriguing but leaves you thinking for longer than you had imagined you would. Pay attention to your dreams and fantasies. There's a lesson hidden there for you. Scorpio, intuition and information can come to you and it's meant to give you insight and clarity. You may find out a secret that gives you a truth about a person or a subject matter.