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And for that very reason you will often find your choice of career will be the key element, especially as you need to feel you are serving some kind of higher purpose. For this very reason you may sometimes come across as slightly removed from the world you live in. That does not however mean you are not sociable, as you really are, it is just that the sensitive part of you always seems to live in a world free of injustice and suffering. Your early ages are filled with opportunities to be more practical and do things more organized and find ways to get more structure and order into your life.

All these opportunities life has to offer are to be used to take advantage of and develop a thicker skin and be more resilient in face of adversity, as this is one thing you do not cope well with in times of stress and conflict.

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Later on in life you find the growing need for independency, and when you finally find the ideal or cause you are passionate about, you will discover you have all the self-discipline, responsibility and passion needed to live up to your expectational potential to become an inspired and progressive gifted leader. You are charming and attractive individual, and with that said you rarely have problems attracting friends and admirers. You however may make things much harder for yourself by falling in love with someone living far away or belonging to a very different background than you, making it quite tricky to connect.

Although you may encounter obstacles, you should always follow your heart, but with a good measure of clear mind not allowing your idealism of romance rob you of chances of finding real happiness in love. Your tendency to isolate yourself during stressful times is important for you to keep your sanity, but you also need to keep in touch with your friends and loved ones to keep the connection with the world — which is extremely important for your emotional sanity.

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Now as far as diet is concerned you really need to be mindful of importance of regular meal schedule as well as healthy and nutritional foods you should be eating. A regular and moderate exercise on a daily basis will make sure your bowels are healthy, and it will also keep your body in good shape. Also make sure you spend sufficient amount of time outside on fresh air and get plenty of sunshine, as it is extremely important for your mood-boosting properties.

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Politics, event management, community service, careers in these fields may be the ones you will most likely find fulfillment in. There are also other careers you may find drawn to, such as academia, writing, promotions, sales, even therapy.

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