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Get it full, do a prediction, get it full again. I find highlighting the timer for when you can observe again helps unless you have Genie and can run more than one script at a time. Your event pool constantly drains, this is intended. Predicting events doesn't work very well in the daytime. I don't think the best practice is to get your astrology locked and then move onto something else.

It should be more of a constant practice when you can to just keep some exp draining in there. If you get close to locked you may be wasting astrology exp anyways! AUS helps a good bit with all of your magic training really, it's a great spell. Hope that helps! Feel free to look me up if you'd like more advice anytime. I can confirm I gain a small amount of Astrology from "perceive moons. I was perceiving the individual moons. You get the best learning, No you don't.

In fact, waiting until a full pool is the only way to make your learning worse. Learning is always proportional to the size of your pool, so two half-full predictions teach the same as one full prediction. But if you wait until a full pool, you're wasting part of an observation when you hit the top. These are good reasons to wait until full, though. Not sure who told you event prediction teaches. Sadly it really doesn't anymore. It used to be one of the best teachers for low level astrology though and could honestly probably use a tweak to the amount of experience it gives.

Thayet Follow thayelf on Twitter for absolutely nothing of any value whatsoever! Make observations on constellations with yields in multiple skillsets; generally the higher circle constellation the better. If you make a single observation and you're able to make 2 or 3 predictions per observation you'll move astrology faster than observing a constellation with a stronger single skillset yield. For example, Magpie observations yield only Defense skillset predictions but Centaur gives you both Offense and Defense predictions.

So you'd only get a single prediction out of a Magpie observation while being able to make 2 predictions from a Centaur observation. When the observe timer resets and you make your new observation, perceive the moons, predict the weather and predict analyze if you have a prediction going. If it's nighttime and you know the ability, try for an event prediction.

At lower skill levels astrology is about keeping a minimum amount of experience going as often as possible, rather than trying to hit higher mindstates. No code access I'm a work but IIRC Perc Moons only gives astro when they're set since that's when you're trying to sense when they'll rise etc. Also, don't fill your pools if you aren't worried about training a tool. Just do lots of little predictions. The exp from predictions will be the same but it'll support analyze better. Full pools only really become important when you're trying to bond a really quality tool - but it sounds like that's a project you don't need to worry about yet.

Haha, you post that like all 3 moons in the sky is a problem we deal with a lot. This was a quick test on an alt who I haven't even chosen spells since 3. A few white clouds float lazily in the sky above. The following heavenly bodies are visible: The dawn sun is unobscured by clouds. The planet Durgaulda is unobscured by clouds.

Dragonrealms moon mage astrology

All but the smallest bit of the planet Szeldia is obscured by clouds. Nearly half of the planet Dawgolesh has been obscured by clouds above.


Katamba is below the horizon. Xibar is unobscured by clouds. Yavash is below the horizon. Roundtime: 6 sec. The early morning sun is unobscured by clouds. The sun shines with a steady, yellow light. You learned something useful from your observation. Roundtime: 15 sec. Roundtime: 2 sec. After a few moments, the mists of time begin to part. You see the sun rising on a bitterly cold winter's morning.

You see a summer storm battering a small town. A man stands in darkness barely visible in the gloom. A sudden feeling of warmth pervades your soul. You are certain that your experience helped avoid a darker fate. Roundtime: 10 sec. A few images materialize before your mind's eye and you pick out the following: A vivid sapphire tree that slowly reshapes itself into a dark cloud. It pops out of existence the moment you notice it. An Elven man stands immediately before you. Something about him seems strangely familiar. Roundtime: 8 sec. So a simple dichotymous relationship does not actually exist due to multiple functionalities that may exist within a single spell.

June 17 2019 full moon Vedic/sidereal

Let's examine the spells again, with two questions in mind: What is the benefit and what is the cost for using the spell? Dazzle - Benefit in Combat: Penalize self. Benefit in Enchanting: Remove Throttle. Cost: 1 second tier spell slot. Unleash - Normal Use Benefit: Utilize scrolls in unique way. Cost: 1 postth circle spell slot. Cost: 1 second tier? Focus Moonbeam - Normal use benefit: Remove throttles. Cost: 1 spell slot. If we're looking only at these five, we've got a tie. However, lets look at some more: 6.

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Imbue - Normal use benefit: Remove throttles. Whole Displacement - Self-cast benefit: Attempt to stay out of melee combat. Cast other benefit: Penalize self. Ripple - Benefit: Area of attack spell. Cost: No treasure, fifth tier spell slot, no snap-casting. Thoughtcast - Benefit: Send a few characters of text to a player whose IM name you do not have yet.

Steelstar - Benefit: Penalize self aka, everything bad about Moonblade but worse. Cost: 1 third tier spell slot. The winner so far? The runner-up: Thoughtcast. After that: Moonblade. After that: Aura Sight. Judge's prerogative: A dark horse candidate, Starlight Sphere. Starlight Sphere is the magical equivalent of a Moonblade, in that Starlight Sphere is worse than every other attack spell in a Moon Mage's arsenal, and a Moonblade is worse than pretty much any other weapon a Moon Mage could choose.

In sheer uselessness, they are matched evenly, but the cost of Starlight Sphere is much greater because it requires 40th circle, a quest, and a third-tier spell slot. Crystal Spike and Partial Displacement are both 40th circle spells, although granted, fourth tier, and far more useful and efficient in any given situation than Starlight Sphere. The fundamental problem with Starlight Sphere is that it is a spell that overcomes penalties of low-level characters, but is only available to high-level characters.

By the time one makes it to 40th circle, the usefulness of having a spell that sticks around for some period of time and is capable of making repeated attacks based upon a single-time mana cost is gone. A low-level character who doesn't have good Power Perception or Harness skills benefits more from being able to cast once and have the spell stick around than a "high" level character does. For a spell that seemed so amazingly cool and useful when it was first released, realizing that it's obsolete by the time you can choose it is depressing.

No one ever really expected Steelstar to be good, because Moonblade was never good, and Light Thrown was never good, so how could a spell that combines the worst of both worlds be any good? No, the honor of being the most useless spell must go to a spell whose potential usefulness seemed so great but has been revealed to be so little.

Comments: Add Your Own. Subject: Systemic Slowness Time: pm. Everyone wants upgrades and new releases. I love DR. I took a long break from the game and I eventually came back. I still spend a great deal of time in Elanthia, so there is some draw there, clearly. Fixes came out on time. There was lots of new development.

Things were always being adjusted. I didn't realize how slow DR development was until I saw something else. It is frustrating, certainly. In addition to the fundamental problem of the pace of development, one related problem is that the game doesn't have a terrific "institutional memory. I was just rereading a meeting log with Tribanin, an astounding GM, who said that it took him six months to dig up some notes on updates to the Crossing Moon Mage observatory planned by Westryl, another really great GM.

At the same time, I recognize that, while GMs are paid something, it is not much and they are all still holding down their day jobs. There is no Mythic or Blizzard or other such organization to pay these people. As with DR, when Mythic got down to the volunteer-based positions like board liasons, etc. As I said, I enjoy the game. I spend hours at it. The pace of development is a bit of a shame, however. When the releases are coming regularly, for example, when Ssra was releasing a wonderful new tweak every two weeks last summer, DR can be very exciting.

On the notion of quests and such, I'm so glad to hear that something is being implemented. I enjoy other games much more on a day-to-day, routine task basis than I enjoy DR. When DR is good, it's really good. The community is great. The players and GMs are smart and literate. The players role-play pretty well for the most part certainly compared to the l33t gamerz in other games. And, of course, the wonderful GMs who devote their free time to development for little pay are fantastic.

I think each one of them cares deeply about the game and it's development. There does seem to be a systemic slowness, however. People joke about it but the frustration can definitely accumulate. I'm sorry to see another player go. The number of players is down noticeably since I started in I remember players was the norm during busy times. Now, I'm happy to see Most often during my playing hours it's Which leads me to a really scary thought Time: am. Mortom claimed that he has conclusively proved there is nothing harmful within the spell, and "that the only thing to possibly fear is ignorance in the face of knowledge.

We are not Barbarians to break something just because we do not understand it. I will not deny our society a valuable tool simply because an insane elf is playing mind games. Within a few roisaen of Mortom's declaration, Guildleaders Gylwyn, Kssarh and Tiv announced they are satisfied that the spell pattern is safe and will be teaching it in place of the current Burn spell to new students. Throne City insiders were surprised by the speed at which the three Guildleaders rallied behind Mortom. Guildleader Lomtaun has made no comment on the situation and Guildleader Cherulisa could not be reached for comment.

Taramaine has made no official response to these events. With four Guildleaders in open opposition to his order and the Council still in shambles, he is not expected to. Insiders point out that the same circumstances that sees Taramaine with virtual dictator powers over the Guild leaves him bereft of anywhere to turn when the Guildleaders disobey orders from Throne City en masse. What affect this new gulf between Throne City and the distant Guildleaders has remains to be seen.

Three major changes have been made to the spell: First, its difficulty and mana efficiency has been tweaked to update it to the current TM model. Like all the other updates to the MM TM spells, this does not change the minimum or maximum effectiveness of the spell, it only changes how you get there. Second, Burn is now a pure TM spell. It will use the same skill-checks that all other TM spells use.

Its preparation time has been reduced to bring it on-par with the other TM spells. Which body part you hit is determined by the same means as the previous version. Finally, Burn now accepts Katamba as a source of energy. The spell has new messaging if Katamba is the only source of "illumination" currently available. For those keeping score at home, this update concludes the round of Moon Mage TM spell updating that began earlier this year. These changes are currently live in Prime and Platinum. They will go live in Fallen in a few days assuming no major problems occur.

To discuss the above follow the link below. Ionization of the atmosphere caused by the Chain Lightning spell has sufficiently damaged the ozone layer of the planet to permit unusually high levels of solar radiation to reach the planet's surface. Furthermore, the powerful elemental energies foolishly wielded by amateurish Mages has resulted in self-coalescing "clouds" of roaming elemental energy, much like that controlled over the Warrior Mage tower in Shard, but comprised not of traditional electrical energy but the far more dangerous form harnessed in the Chain Lightning spell.

The net affect of these and other circumstances is that the surface of Elanthia has been stripped bare of vegetation that was once abundant and prosperous. Elven representatives from the city of Leth Deriel have been quoted as saying, "If fully half of us weren't Rangers, and therefore pretty much unaffected by the destruction of the planet's ecosystem, we would be really pissed right now. The governments of all four provinces have convened and deliberated over this newly discovered defacement of their lands, and in the newly energized spirit of ecological preservation have decided to inflict stiff fines upon the Trader's Guild of Elanthia.

In response the guild has demonstrated its own commitment to preserving Elanthia's dangerously threatened ecosystem by promising to revoke the extensive benefits it offers to guild members if they are found violating the provinces littering ordinances. Recent reports have also discovered that the Guildmistress Kalika has gone missing.

Eyewitnesses speculate that Kalika, who has, in fact, never been seen in the same place at the same time with the notorious villain, Sidhlot, may in some way be behind the precipitously sudden destruction of the planet's flora. Ranger scholars, however, repudiate this claim, calling it a "bald-faced lie engineered to remove pressure from reforming the extraordinarily destructive Warrior Mage guild. On the sixth day, SIMU created the guilds and saw they were good and placed them in the Garden of Eden and instructed that no guild shall eat from the Tree of Truth. On the seventh day, SIMU relaxed under the shade of a sansiri tree.

I shall give thee a new Enchante system but it shall nae teach thee power perception, I shall cut thine experience for singing thy songs in half, and ye shall sing Demrris' Resolve forever and ever for there will be no other Enchante that is better," intoned SIMU in booming voice.

OceanSorrowSong | FanFiction

He raised His voice and His Will was Done. Should I not perform these Enchantes in the midst of an audience? If ye cannot do so, ye must singst alone like the dove. For thine insolence, I shall kick thee out the Garden and triple the pain of thy requirements during childbirth. Does thou not carest for me? For thy crimes, I shall make thy invisible power make you visible to those who search thee out, this makes no sense but it amuses Me. For thy tears, I shall punish thee. Ye shall toil and toil over thine boxes but receive a pittance for thine work.

Other guilds will ne'er use thine services and shall leave their boxes on the ground for the janitor to clean up. Ye shall be needless and superfluous," said SIMU. The Thief was kicked out of the Garden. I hath nae idea. Ye hath changed hands so much, ye are a lost lamb amongst the flock and an abomination onto me," sayeth SIMU The Cleric was kicked out the Garden. For thou crimes, thy shall ne'er be unique. Ye shall be a known as a Moon Scout: extraplanetary beings employed by Kalika to survey new star systems.

I could do so if I choose to but it amuses me to see thee suffer. I suckle on the teat of others, I want to make my own coin and flourish under my own abilities rather than dependancy of others. Thy shall heal and heal with ardour. I shall tie thine requirements with thy healing to reflect this. But I shall give thee the ability to manipulate but ye shall nae be able to heal thy goblinoid ally. Thy must sit for hours and hours watching two goblins maul each other. The Empath was kicked out of the Garden.

SIMU looked at the other creations in the Garden with a wary eye. Comments: Read 2 or Add Your Own. Saturday, August 6th, Subject: Predictability. Time: pm. A thread going on in the Discussions with Simutronics area, under Complaints, entitled: This game has gone to hell. The most recent post by Solomon. My immediate thoughts, "I bet he's going to close the thread just because he doesn't want to hear it. Re: the game has gone to hell. I'm not one of those people and I'm calling it a dead horse. We can stop with the hyperbole, gross-exaggerations, and wild claims. WHile this thread was, for a time, interesting and providing some good insight and information, it's now getting silly.

Please take it to the Equine Cemetery or drop it. Solomon What's going on? Comments: Read 3 or Add Your Own. Essentially, you'll be creating a field of telekinetic energy around you, much like you do with TKS, but instead of throwing items around the room in an attempt to attack, the field will serve to deflect incoming attacks that are considered ranged or missile-type attacks. The closer your opponent is, the less this spell will protect you, the further away, the greater the chance of deflection. Support for additional worn combat equipment The combat system now supports worn shields and brawling weapons.

While the support is there, more work needs to be done on shield and brawling code; therefor it's not yet fully implemented. In my eyes, one of the big draws of such a spell is overriding the two-hand limitation, and bypassing the evasion penalty of shield. At higher levels, though, the most effective shields are the ones with the least evasion penalty Target shields, etc. While it remains to be seen whether the arm-worn shields will carry a commensurately larger evasion penalty for their added usefulness, in either case a well-trained shield user is not taking a very significant blow to their evasion from the shield, and certainly not a large enough blow to justify blowing a spell slot on the marginal effect.

To be useful due to its more limited nature, this spell is going to be have to be much more effective at protecting against Missle-range missles than a shield already is, but in conjunction with a shield, which already offers excellent protection from all weapons, this combination will be immediately declared overpowered. Comments: Read 1 or Add Your Own. Subject: Hypnotize Time: pm. Beyond singular vision lies our right as Moon Mages.

Stretch your command to the masses and you will achieve what they claim is impossible. Command as you control, all shall hear An update to the Hypnotize spell's command ability is now live in Prime and Plat. Moon Mages can now command multiple creatures at once. There are a few limits to this ability.

First, each creature must be eligible for command like normal the commander must cast Hypnotize on each one and achieve the right amount of success. Second, you can only command creatures of the same type: all the field goblins, or all the rock trolls, but not all the field goblins and all the rock trolls. Finally, there is a limit to how many creatures you can command at once based on your circle.

1996 MMORPGs

If you are dealing with a swarm larger than your ability to command, success is not certain. Syntax remains the same. All will now hear and have a chance to obey. Assuming this doesn't cause the servers to combust, it will be rolled into Fallen either tonight or tomorrow. Lovecraft A move in the right direction. Add in the ability to control creatures, change their allegiance, attack their enemies, and disarm themselves, and I may actually like this spell again. For example, instead of tossing a whole pile of 50 coppers, you'll toss a single copper from the pile and have 49 left.

This requires both mana and skill to pull off, so it is not automatic with learning TKS you could easily have the "multi throw" capacity of a single object. You must either have enough shards orbitting you or enough objects on the ground to cover the whole salvo. Syntax is, after targetting, CAST all. A number will attempt to throw the specific number, "all" will attempt to throw your maximum capacity. There is a hard limit of four objects to a salvo.

Assuming nobody implodes, it will be released to Fallen and Platinum either later tonight or tomorrow. Lovecraft This is a good change. I still like TKT is an extremely inferior spell. The rationale for TKT being so powerful in the days of yore was simply that you have no control over what is thrown. This is still mostly true, and thus I fail to see why TKT should be "in-line" with other targetted spells which lack that restriction.

There is no sort of one-to-one correspondence between a restriction such as exists for TKT and other restrictions that affect spells minimum mana, maximum mana, preparation difficulty, etc and so I feel like special consideration should be given to the spell, but no such consideration is given, hence the spell's exceeding weakness.

In any case, the spell ultimately can only function based on the OOC rationale of "rooms" and "objects", creating arbitrary distinctions for the purpose of the spell's functioning. The spell needs to be re-thought. Subject: Catching Up Time: pm. This change should be largely 'invisible' on the player side of things.

Dragon Mound

This will remain in Plat for about a week and then be rolled into The Fallen. Once everything seems to be in order it will finally be rolled into Prime version of the game. As you can imagine, it takes time to go through your entire inventory. With the advent of DR2, it's possible for us to 'cache' this data -- meaning store it -- so we can easily pull the data.

Fewer resources spent finding your combat equipment potentially less lag and easier setup of "worn" equipment which leads us into the next section Creature natural parry and natural block Currently, creatures must have a weapon or shield in their inventory to parry or block an attack. Creatures can now be set up to use their bodies as defenses. What does this mean?

It's possible just an example for a peccary to now parry a blow with tusks or for a warklin to block a strike with its carapace. If you notice what you believe is an anomaly related to this update please bring it to my attention in the Combat folders. The idea of using a carapace as a shield though, is asinine. Creatures with hard skins already have armor on, which reduces damage. There's no reason for giving them a chance to shield-block with their carapace, in the same way there should be no chance for me to shield-block with my suit of chain-mail.

That is, it's called getting hit. I like the cut of your jib and all that good stuff. So I'm going to do this favor for you. Don't get all mushy with me or nothin' son.. I don't wanna have to rough you up. Got that chummy boy? Right then, moving along. I'm going to break this down nice and simple, I know you can't pay attention to anything for all that long cause you got your head in the clouds of Heroe's Journey and all that jazz..

I mean.. And look at these message boards. Maybe you didn't get your complimentary "Girls of Taelbert's" calendar this year.. I'm assuming that's an oversight, so I've simply contacted your optometrist. Hopefully that solves the problem. Nobody wants to shell out thier hard earned cash so that thier character can shell out thier hard earned cash.

Me personally, I just bump off Everquest players and use those greenbacks to support my DR habit.. How about this.. You should really think about getting an events team to do stuff like that. Nobody likes orange skin except Captain Kirk. Are you willing to trust your company in the hands of a guy that does commercials for priceline.

I didn't think so. Give us a break every once in awhile. Remember when you just up and extended the amount of characters premium account holders could have? You were on the right track. What you actually did was just give everyone a few more mules, but hey.. It's the thought that counts. Just ask the cabbage patch kids. Apparantley you aren't getting any of your messages. Lucky for you, I happen to be both a certified courier and a registered member of the Hermes Message Union so I'm going to catch you up real quick. Have you lost your mind? Don't you realize that for every 99th circle in the game there's people who go "Wow..

He's like a hero to me! We're stupid people, we need to be lead. Who would you rather lead us? You with your great ideas and great game? Or your MOST dissapointed customers? Hey Simu.. Yeah, we all celebrated and hi-fived each other and went "huzzah! I'ma stay for another year" when you gave us all those moist chewy morsels about DR-II. And you KNOW how we feel about carrots now. When it gets here you'll like. It's over there to the left of those servers, right behind all those billions of 1's and 0's and VERY FAR away from your quarterly profit reports.

Bubba, I'm looking at you on this one Why is it that I showed up late for work at a when I was 15 and they wrote me up. When I showed up late again.. So check it out. I'm gonna tell YOU a little story here my sweet little cuddly Simu chums. I paid about clams for this assisted wedding deal. Alot of FUN! I loved it! Would do it again in a heartbeat. As a DR player.. As a normal everyday person, I know better than to rock the boat. I don't wanna complain. Ya know.. GMs are just people trying to do the best they can and all. We OWE them right? Welly welly well o'well well well well.

Strike 1. Strike However, it was absolutely nothing like what I actually wanted. It's to show you a simple case of "Everyone has something to complain about in this game" but nobody does it because to us Nononononono no no NO! We HATE doing it. We just get to the point where we are TIRED of holding it in and the we explode and become disgruntled. Not me of course, I'm happy fun! Happy deserve an alteration fun!

So how about YOU, oh great and wise leader, do our griping for us. He says he really loved it, but HE didn't understand that you do dozens of these things and code and have a workload the equivalent of an inner-city Los Angeles defense attorney, HE just thinks he spent bucks on something and you are there to help make his day the best it can be. He's stupid, doesn't know any better.. Simu, I want you to picture a giant room with every DR player in it. Listen, we all know that's the damn answer. We all know why it's the damn answer. That doesn't change the fact it pisses us off to hear it.

It's been a decade chums, and we've taught you better than that. If it's broke, fix it. If you CAN'T fix it.. I can't fix this. There, don't you feel better already? Simu, I love you and all, but I'm doing this as a personal favor. I could go on and on.. Go ahead and get started on this list. When you've learned how to sit up straight and keep your elbows off the table I'll come back with a few more tips.

And remember.. Thursday, January 6th, Time: am. I only have one reason for you. Simutronics is money grubbing. Plain and simple. Now, let me explain before I get instantly banned. While I love the game services simutronics provides, I believe they are taking advantage of their customers way more than they should be. It's believed by me and many other dragonrealms players, that DR is one of the best text games out there, even though many others are free. They take advantage of this fact, and charge for it, because they know people are willing to pay the cash. That's fine by me.

If you have a superior product, surely you should be allowed to charge a subscription price to pay the game. And so they do it. However, over the years I have noticed simutronics become more and mroe money grubbing. They keep raising the price in line with the other graphical mmorpgs, not because of rising costs for servers or other such nonsense, but because they can, and they use the defense that 'Well, it's the industry standard, so that's why we charge this price'.

The fact is though, simutronics is NOT part of the mmorpg industry when it concerns those standards. The costs for setting up and maintaining servers to provide the customers a stable and enjoyable experience for a text based game, are FAR cheaper than that of maintaining and buying the hardware to support graphically intensive mmorpgs that have to send out and recieve hundreds of thousands of more times information than the text based ones. How do I know this? Anybody who's even remotely knowledgable about computer hardware and internet hosting and bandwith prices can know this.

And proof that these games are not 'that' cost intensive is by observing free text based games that have more players than simutronics, FAR more rooms and tons more information passing from the servers to the consumer and back. They're FREE, and operate easily on small contributions from a few customers! That all leads me to believe, and know for a fact, that simutronics is money grubbing. They're just trying to run a buisness to gouge customers of money in every way they possibly can, including quests, weddings, recovering characters, and increasing the prices every year or so when the other graphical mmorpgs do so.

I abhor this practice, but nothing I can do about it, and they don't care what the customer thinks regarding this, simply put. I will continue to pay these prices, unfortunately, and enjoy the game that I love. However, I still avoid all the excess costs in real dollars that you see 'everywhere'. Weirdly, the ones who adopted the sternest and most terrible Old Testament moral tone were the Modern Language Association types who believed that everything was relative and that, for example, polygamy was as valid as monogamy.

The friendliest and most sincere welcome he'd gotten was from Scott, a chemistry professor, and Laura, a pediatrician, who, after knowing Randy and Charlene for many years, had one day divulged to Randy, in strict confidence, that, unbeknownst to the academic community at large they had been spiriting their three children off to church every Sunday morning, and had even had them baptized. Randy hadn't the faintest idea what these people thought of him and what he had done, but he could sense right away that, essentially, that was not the issue, because even if they thought he had done something evil, they at least had a framework, a sort of procedure manual, for dealing with transgressions.

To translate it into UNIX system administration terms Randy's fundamental metaphor for just about everything , the post-modern, politically correct atheists were like people who had suddenly found themselves in charge of a big and unfathomably complex computer system viz. Where as people who were wired into a church were like UNIX system administrators who, while they might not understand everything, at least had some documentation, some FAQs and How-tos and README files, providing some guidance on what to do when things got out of whack.

They were, in other words, capable of displaying adaptability. Thursday, November 4th, Time: pm. You're already forced into things all the time - how you cast, what you can do with your spell, etc. You're forced to be online and to log into the game if you want to play Dragonrealms, for that matter. Whenever you're agree to log in, your decisions become mine and I can force you to obey my every whim Just kidding, honest.

The end to this particular argument is easy - no one forced you to choose the sect you joined, but I can choose to make you live with the choice you've made. Don't join if you're not sure. That's the same piece of advice we gave everyone when sects were released. Some listened, some did not. So, here's an idea I'd like to propose. The difference is in taking those who wish to roleplay as someone who say was brought up with one form of heritage or no heritage of any particular sect, can "join" the sect on a limited basis.

You would get a new spiffy title to use, though, not the same title or post-title, you would eventually have access to the sects abilities, but not at the same point that an offical member would or you would not be able to use it as often or effectively. New players who want to have the feeling of joining could do so, and those who are already members could more easily identify and assist those willing to be mentored.

Those seeking the ability to float from sect to sect could do so, without suffering limitations for quitting a sect to join another, but simply for not being willing to immerse yourself in the culture as deeply as others. You would be considered an outsider trying to prove yourself to those who have lived the life of that sect's heritage, or a young member who is seeking to take the right of passage.

As an affiliate, you would be able to leave the sect to affiliate yourself with another, one time. It would give everyone the ability to sample each sect, and in time, sample their "perks". If you wish, you can then join the sect as a full fledged member, but once you've done so, that's it. If you decide the sect isn't for you, then you can leave and go affiliate yourself with another. Just don't plan on coming back. TO me, this covers the bases.

Yes, those ability chasers would have the limitations applied, but they would still have access to them. Those who are more serious minded about roleplaying a sect member can still join as they always have, per the normal requirements. THose who do not meet them, will now have a way to mark their future intent. How does this help those who are already a member of a sect? Good question - And I just happen to have an answer. If this is the idea that eventually goes into game to help solve this debate, what I would do is allow people to drop their status as a sect member to affiliate and you would be required read: FORCED!

You wouldn't be able to join another sect or officially resign yourself from an existing sect for awhile, but you would be able to step down as it were. Eventually, you could then go in and turn in your walking papers, then go do whatever you wanted. I will say this - I can not, in all fairness to sects as a system and as a group of roleplayers make them so a member can enter and then leave them as though they do a building.

Roleplay does and will always count for something in Dragonrealms, and I'll fight to the last man standing to make sure that it will always be an aspect of our guild. I've never been a number cruncher or an ability chaser - there's nothing wrong with it, if that is your want to do. My responsibility can't be relegated to either side of the fence, only to the fence itself. It's up to you as a player to decide if you want to climb it or not. And that's probably the longest "fence" analogy I've ever done. Hopefully I can now retire with that as my mark on humanity.

Please, just make it so sects can be changed. People can become the opposite sex, but they can't burn their membership card for a club. Charge people for joining a sect and charge them again for leaving a sect, you always need ways to drain money from the economy. Make them perform a quest.

The only anti-roleplaying thing I see around here is the unwillingness to accomodate the option for people to roleplay changing a sect. It seems like just writing some kind of minor quest and due-paying system for changing sects would be simpler than adding this additional bullshit layer of sect affiliation.

Subject: Cool News. Clerics will regain the ability to use targetted magic spells against the living.

Effective immediately this is the direction of development for the guild. What does this mean now? Nothing much at all in the immediate. But it does mean that some of the very first spells that we'll be cranking out will will be targetted spells that affect all monsters in the game. This is a fairly significant change for us from the past year and a half. Obviously, some priorities are changing and development will be shuffled. Overall it is a very exciting thing. My hope is to have a targetted spell in your hands by the end of the year.

Nothing is even planned or proposed, but we have some backing to get stuff done quickly by the years end. So it is a possibility. Moon Mages. But please do not expect to be on par with Warrior Mages who specialize in that sphere. Additionally, we are still considered "masters" of undead combat and our spells and abilities will continue to reflect this. Note that all other guilds are welcome to "dabble" in this sphere as well, and we do not retain exclusive access to this sphere. Friday, October 1st, Time: pm.

The English poet Alfred Lord Tennyson spoke forcefully about the ravening curiosity of scholars. Great men, he said angrily, have their private lives ''ripped open like a pig. He would, he said, ''as soon kill a pig as write a letter,'' and he wanted to erect an altar to the Englishwoman who, upon reading an intimate biography, burned the letters she had from famous men. Upon Tennyson's death in , his family burned many of his papers. Wednesday, September 29th, Time: am. I don't really have much to add to the whole "You're inferior" vs. Everyone else.

Mainly I wanted to draw attention to the one useful thing that has come from the entire thread: We don't "balance" ourselves and say Ohhh, but the rangers are supposed to be the masters of this, or this will just make us too powerful. Of course not. That would be political suicide. You always aim higher than you expect, so that if you play your cards right you just might get what you do expect. Look at Constellation Jewelry. Rigby released them, and they were incredibly powerful.

Yes, overpowered. It took time, but what we ended up with was a balanced but still fully useful and fantastic enchantment. Sukair This is one of my pet peeves with regard to the Moon Mage guild. Somehow the notion that Moon Mages should have to suffer under ridiculous penalties has become entrenched in the mentality of even the lowliest Moon Mages not even to speak of the GameMasters. Every time I see a suggestion for Moon Mages on the boards, either the initial poster or someone else later suggests, "Maybe if we screw up, we could [penalize ourselves in X way].

Older Writings

Telekinetic Throw is not more powerful than any other first tier targetted spell, yet we still have this asinine restriction on not being able to choose what we throw without having to use a poorly contrived "combo" using two other unrelated spells. Would the spell be overpowered if we could ALL not just members of a certain sect choose what item is to be thrown? Burn is not more powerful than Lightning Bolt, yet we've got to have this "Requires light source" restriction.

The spell has gone through like 6 downtweaks already. It's not because the spell would be overpowered otherwise. Not because the logic is stronger that way Nobody seems to have any problems with shadow nooses in broad daylight or fireballs from thin air. Same thing. Apparently we needed to take functionality out of one of the most useless spells in the game. Both Teleport and Moongate have the potential to completely destroy every part of a Moon Mage. No particular reason. Teleport has a stun that cannot be trained off.

The only reason I've ever heard bandied about is because removing it would make Moongate less useful. My response to that is-- And? I guess we should go back and remove features from the rest of our spells to make higher tier ones more useful. It's obvious we've hit the limit on all the potential avenues for development for spells, after all.

All we can do now is rearrange features. Spells, prediction, cantrips, enchantments. I can go on and on. Half the development in this guild is on ways to give ourselves things and then hinder ourselves from being able to use them reliably, effectively, efficiently. No other guild has to put up with this kind of crap.

So wanting to be able to have enough control over our own abilities such that we can use them when we need them, more often than not, that's a bad thing? To hell with that attitude. The Moon Mage guild really needs to take a reality check and stop participating in this crap and stop putting up with it from the GameMasters. I think the suggestion that the Teleport stun be removed as a 90th circle ability is idiotic and counterproductive since once an ability is implemented it is almost never re-assessed, as can be seen with our entire spell list. At most this is a 20th circle ability that shows the gradual growth of expertise of the Mage between Teleport and Moongate.

But at least it's a suggestion for an improvement and not a suggestion for hamstringing the guild even further. Sect information post by Kelvena. Good to know some of these things. Too bad half the cantrips should be accessible to the entire guild. Read more I was thinking about posting my complete ideas for a rewrite of the entire prediction system, but right now I don't think that's possible.

The crucial part of my ideas lies in establishment of "Philosophies" of Prediction. Why should a Nomad predict the future in the same way as a Tezirite? According to my conception of "Philosophies," the sort of methodology you observe in conducting Predictions and the sort of results you can expect would depend heavily upon your philosophy which would be based on personal practices, not Sect, although some may make more sense for certain sects than others. With the amount of variation I see possible one could probably make an entire game where the only player characters are Moon Mages and the only abilities are predictions.

Right now, in the game, there is no distinction between the conception and the underlying reality of Fate. One might argue that there exist no conceptions of Fate in the game, although I think there is one-- It just so happens to be underdeveloped and shallow with no meaningful effect on anything. The problem with Philosophies is that by creating Philosophies, everyone must assume one. At the time of this writing I have not yet really come to a satisfactory conclusion on how to allow Moon Mages to choose a philosophy that best suits their character and their playing style.

The "pick one with no real knowledge about its affects" approach is something I think should be avoided, and I think that Moon Mages ought to be able to gradually change philosophies and, verily, to customize their own philosophy according to their beliefs and practices within the game. How to make that possible without making things too complicated or too unnatural is something that needs to be thoroughly thought through.

This is my own thoughts on the prediction system. Currently the system consists of this: Predict. Astrology skill. Prediction counter. Celestial objects. Prediction tools. As a guild defining ability prediction is woefully inadequate. I'm glad Tribanin actually seems willing to accept the fact that the ability is, for the most part, useless "If there's aspects of the Mm guild who feel that there is no benefit from the prediction system, then that means the prediction system as a whole isn't working at all. Why isn't prediction working? There's no simple explanation but a variety of factors.