Leo moon man and leo moon woman compatibility

Your Moon signs are quite compatible and you will find that you both have much to enjoy in each other! Both of you are personable, friendly, and affectionate, with a strong romantic streak, but of course you are different in many respects also. This can be a significant problem for Libra at times — being too obliging, too eager to please, compromising too much. On the other hand, Leo is naturally rather self-centered, more dominant, certain, and decisive, but extremely good-hearted, so it is unlikely that Leo will take advantage of agreeableness in a partner. Libra is very concerned with what is fair, and over time, can easily begin to resent giving in to a partner.

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You respect each other, and have fun together, and this is a major sign of compatibility! Both of you enjoy romantic overtures of love, with Leo perhaps more in need of them. Leo, you have found a true emotional match!

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Libra is likely to find this inner strength attractive indeed. Temperamentally, the two of you are like night and day. Leo is basically sunny, open, warm, and fun-loving, and not given to a great deal of introspection or serious self-analysis, while Scorpio is very private, emotionally deep and complex, and rather hard to get to know. Scorpio is a much more suspicious or cautious soul than Leo is. Scorpio distrusts superficial appearances and is always seeking the hidden meanings or deeper motivations in people, dredging up the buried past, or looking for the fly in the ointment.

Leo accepts things as they are or appear to be much more readily, and may feel that Scorpio makes unnecessary trouble by probing so deeply all of the time. The truth is that Leo is very proud and wants always to be thought well of — and would therefore rather not discover anything within that is less than praiseworthy.

Scorpio is drawn inward to the depths, to darkness and mystery, while Leo is more outward and seeks the light, bright side of life. Leo, for instance, needs and enjoys people, is much more social, and loves to entertain. Scorpio would prefer an evening alone or spent in an intimate atmosphere with a few close friends, where the interaction is likely to be deeper and more revealing. There really need not be a conflict over these differences in your emotional natures, as long as the two of you understand and accept them. You are both very strong-willed and somewhat inflexible, and you insist on being yourselves despite the differences between you.

Much emotional harmony exists between you. Together you feel expansive and enterprising, and you enjoy games, sports, gambling, carousing, and life in general! Some differences may arise between you, though. Sagittarius is more restless, more of a wanderer than Leo, who is more constant and steady emotionally. Sagittarius needs to feel free and cannot tolerate being completely domesticated or tethered to a possessive partner. Leo, on the other hand, is loyal and wholehearted in love, and wants the complete attention and devotion of a partner.

For the most part, however, you suit one another very well! Whereas Capricorn downplays emotions and emotional displays, Leo often exaggerates them. Like a child, Leo is eager for attention, love, praise, and recognition from others, while Capricorn, ever the adult, rarely admits needing people in that way.

Capricorn is, or appears to be, more self-sufficient emotionally. While Leo is usually quite warm and personable, Capricorn is frequently detached, formal, and businesslike with people. Also, Leo is more of an optimist by nature, whereas Capricorn tends towards pessimism or at least a clear-eyed realism.

Leo has an inner desire to be special and important, to shine and be the center of attention, to direct or lead rather than follow. Your strong resolution and the self-confidence that you radiate sometimes can make other people fear being around you. Not that they fear you as a person but that they feel as though they cannot hold up to you.

Your childhood was not lacking. Whether this be in the emotional sense or in the materialistic sense. Your parents whether knowingly or unknowingly to themselves raised you as either a prince or princess. Leo energy can also have another side to its power. If your childhood was oppressed or you found yourself being bullied then more than likely today you lack the self-confidence that you desire. The one thing that you could do that would be the best for yourself is to accept who you are with all of your faults included. All of this while making sure that you do this is an individual and not personally waiting for the reaction of an audience to see your transformation.

Once you gain this you will find that you are willing to help others in need. Avoid, if possible, a Moon in the signs below as emotional and domestic differences will be likely:. The performance of the identity is believed to have been ignored. It wants to be the center of attraction. Their is also a subconscious hidden desire to be someone in authority. They are very ambitious and their drive for security is very strong too. This is one of the most advantageous position in a birth horoscope for the natal moon.

It is a very stable moon. There is an increased awareness of the external world. In Leo, the Moon reveals herself completely. Many lunar Leonians can light up dark places with the magic of their glamorous presence. Moon in Leo people have a keen and enthusiastic interest in life. This Moon gives a free-hearted nature with a love for pleasure, music, art, and sports. These people enjoy children, romance, gaiety, parties, games and celebrations and do their best to see that everyone has a good time.

Moon in Leo and Moon in Libra can be compatible, so long as both of you learn how to discuss things and make compromise.

Moon Signs: Moon in Leo

You can strive to give Moon Libra balance in relationship, Libra can learn to give you the devotion you need. Together, you can create a warm and stable home. You, Leo and Moon in Scorpio are different people with different needs. You may find it hard to reach an understanding. As friends or business partners, your relationship may be beneficial, but a romantic relationship may need more. Your desires may contradict each other and cause issues. Scorpio Moon sign can see through superficial appearances.

They have a suspicious nature, which may exasperate you. You prefer to see the good side of people and avoid digging deeper.

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  8. Leo, you are a straightforward person. They may find your outgoing habits stressful. You will not have a devoted partner in the Scorpio lover who is happy to sing praises. You are both inflexible people, because of your ego and fears. To make this relationship work, both you and Moon Scorpio have to make a lot of compromises.

    Essentially, your needs for a relationship will not be met in this partnership, it will be easier to move on. But if you do bend over backwards to make this work, it will be an interesting relationship that will benefit you both. Moon Leo, you and Moon in Sagittarius have similar traits: friendly and charming, your optimism and generosity makes you a good friend. You are a playful couple, as you enjoy doing activities together. This friendship or partnership is a harmonious and happy one during good times.

    You both like changes and freedom, but Moon Leo you still want a home to return to, while Moon Sagittarius wants to wander and travel more. Therefore, they might be unable to give you the devotion and attention you need to feel happy. Aside from your differences, the Leo moon compatibility with Sagittarius is excellent. You both get along famously because of your love of life. There are more good times than bad, and there is nothing you both cannot handle with good communication. Moon Leo and Moon Sagittarius make perfect soul mates. You need to make little adjustments to make it work.

    A marriage between royalty and a peasant may be a dream come true for most, but for Moon in Capricorn it will be a nightmare. Moon Leo, you and Moon Capricorn have different basic needs. Leo Moon sign want to be on a pedestal, worshiped by your partner, Capricorn. Leo you are naturally optimistic, while Moon Capricorn is pessimistic by comparison. You love to be praised, but Capricorn prefers to show love and affection using actions.

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    Leo Moon sign can bring a light to the partnership, especially when Moon Capricorn feels low. You have unique contributions to this partnership, even if you are not compatible. If you can make concessions for each other, both of you can share good zodiac compatibility.

    Leo Sun Leo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

    Moon in Leo, you and Moon Aquarius have different needs, your personality can be a limiting factor to you having a long term relationship. You can be good friends, but you have to understand what each other needs to advance to a new level. Leo Moon sign like to be the top man in a group, while Aquarius Moon is happy to be part of one. Aquarius may become rebellious to authority, this will annoy Leo as you love to be the boss. You live in the present, and Aquarius plans for the future. Leo moon sign compatibility with Aquarius can be good. But you need to understand what each other needs.

    You either fight to find balance, or compromise for a peaceful relationship.

    Moon in Leo: Characteristics and Traits

    There is much to gain from this relationship, once you work it out. Moon in Leo, you and Moon Pisces strive for a peaceful home setting. Moon Leo needs to be appreciated, and Moon Pisces needs someone dominant. Together, this might be the start of a promising partnership, but there are issues that need to be addressed. Leo Moon sign can overrule Pisces Moon sign because they lack self-direction and will happily bend backwards to appease the Lion. Pisces is emotionally intuitive and sensitive, hence often mirroring your emotions.