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Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. People born in the year of Feb. For those born before Feb. Earth roosters born in like to seek the truth and discuss the true nature of the problem, and they often work hard.

Generally, they are more precocious than their peers, and like to pursue the opposite sex, so it is difficult for them to resist a temptation since they are very affectionate and attach paramount importance to love. Usually, earth roosters are active rather than quiet. In terms of interpersonal relationships, they like to travel and make new friends, trying to build their own reputation to win trust and recognition from others.

Years of the Rabbit

Earth roosters often act as a great general in adversity and they solve the problem calmly with strong patience and perseverance; they can make a painstaking investigation into the problem meticulously according to their own experience and find the problem from the clues to solve it successfully. However, they are very proud and unlikely accept the opinions of others, which is the main reason for their failure. Therefore, they need to be open to others' opinions and draw on the wisdom of the masses. When it comes to career, earth roosters go off smoothly and get good results from the hard work.

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In addition, they are likely to be regularly supported by benefactors, so they have a brilliant future. While there are many people that struggle with new situations, environments or people, you are not amongst them.

Happy Birthday! Born on the 7th of January

You take to new experiences with excitement and when people over with your sociability and warmth. Although you may not realize it, your charm is quite irresistible and explains for your numerous friends.

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Those closest to you would be sure to mention your work ethic as one of your most admirable qualities; you will work tirelessly to accomplish a task that you feel to be worthwhile. Earth is the paired element of the Capricorn and of all the zodiac signs, you have the only cardinal connection with the element.

Your unique relationship with Earth makes you more of a self-starter than other earth zodiac signs. Your active Earthly qualities are paired well with the pragmatic and realistic outlook that all Earth signs share. As you stay grounded, you will be able to work towards practical goals. Your unique combination of planetary powers makes you far more social and creative than the other Capricorn Decans.

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