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Puja and Anushthan. User Review Umesh Ji is one of those rare professional who knows his subject and is a true guide. He has been helping me for quite some time now.

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His simple and effective advices have helped me to cope up in times of difficulties and are showing results. He has been a friend , guide and mentor for me and I wish him all success in his future services for mankind. Astrology Article.

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Trusted Since Millions of happy Customers. Users from Worldwide. And politicians are said to be heavily influenced by the stars too. At a wedding hall in Colombo, a bride and groom are sitting on a stage brightly decorated with paintings of Hindu gods.

ඉදිරියේදීත් දරුණු විපත් - දේශපාලනික සුනාමියක් - සුජිත් නිශාන්ත - Astrology Prediction Of Sri Lanka

At their feet, several Hindu priests are breaking coconuts and lighting oil lamps, performing rituals to invoke blessings on the couple. The invitation was very precise, the ceremony would take place at what was described as the auspicious time of local time, as set by astrologers. It was an arranged marriage, and astrology had been a key factor in deciding whether Vijayaruban and Umaranjini should wed.

Their horoscopes had been examined to see if they were compatible.

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Both sets of parents are happy and we are happy. Astrological passport Astrologers play a significant role in the lives of Sri Lankan people from the Tamil and Sinhala communities. A child's written horoscope is more important than a birth certificate Eshwaran Kurukkal Sixth generation astrologer Eshwaran Kurukkal is the sixth generation in his family to perform the task, which is combined with priestly duties such as officiating at weddings.

He is a member of the Brahmin caste. Every day, but especially on auspicious days, people come to visit him in his consulting rooms in his suburban Colombo house.

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The astrologer wears traditional dress - a white sarong with a purple and gold border. He is bare-chested, with gold necklaces and diamond stud earrings. His long hair is pulled back, and his wrists, elbows, shoulders and forehead have three white stripes, marked with powder.


Mr Eshwaran is examining a client's horoscope, a printed book about the size of a passport. Inside there are sections for name, names of parents, and the positions of the stars and planets at the date and precise time of birth. Many people keep the documents throughout their lives.

Dates of elections are very often set on politicians getting their horoscopes read Bradman Weerakoon Political advisor Even many politicians follow astrology, right up to heads of state.

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Wijemuni posted several videos on Facebook predicting Sirisena would die of illness or accident before Jan. His predictions raised concerns of top government officials, and Media Ministry Secretary Nimal Bopage asked police in December to investigate. He is the only person who has been investigated, though the government did not say if he was thought to have acted alone.

Wijemuni served two and a half years in prison for attacking Gandhi with his rifle as the Indian premier inspected a naval guard of honor in Colombo.

After being released from jail, Wijemuni turned to politics and contested for parliamentary elections in , before becoming an astrologer. Most Sri Lankans follow astrology to identify auspicious times for occasions such as marriage, building houses and signing important documents. AP, Colombo. Imran Khan govt breaks record, borrows Rs bn in 1st year of its tenure.