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Yes if the kundli does not match then the marriage cannot survive for a long time. These fights are the reason for depression and loneliness which develop in between the couples and ruin the married life. Babaji has practiced a lot in the astrology for providing better service to their clients. Babaji knows all the possible ways to solve the any sort of the problem from the root.

Babaji is the one of the best astrologer in the field of astrology. He is best for handling the divorce problems and gives a effective divorce problem solution bengali tantrik baba ji in Kerala to the couples who thinks of separation.

PN Sreedharan Nampoothiri - Astrologer, Numerologist, Vaasthu Consultant, Kerala

Babaji gained a lot of learning about the astrology and the various techniques which was used in field of astrology. Babaji is serving his best to the people who are suffering from the divorce problem and looking for the divorce problem solution bengali tantrik baba ji in Kerala and he also handles various types of problems. A professor digs in his garden about 10 feet deep, and finds some sort of wire. It proves that the ancient Indians were very advanced — they had telephone! Yechuri had something to say. In North India such a practice would be considered despicable, and the offenders probably lynched.

PN Sreedharan Nampoothiri

The question is, who is the true Hindu, the North Indians for condemning it, or the Andhraites for allowing it? In Kerala and among Keralites, the Onam festival is celebrated. Its theme is that a good and benevolent king Mahabali visits his subjects once a year on that day. The subjects are happy that the king lives at least one day a year for them. In North India , Mahabali is a rakshash who is killed by Vishnu, and whose death was necessary so that the world may exist. So, now, who is the true Hindu, the North Indians for condemning Mahabali, or the Keralites for worshipping him?

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Preventing religious beliefs is like Ram telling Krishna-worshippers not to follow Krishna , and Krishna telling Ram-worshippers not to follow Ram. From this we can see that even God does not have the authority to tell you whom to worship and whom not to worship. Atheism is also a belief, so God has no right to condemn anyone for being an atheist. And if even God has no authority in religious matters, who are these saffronites, the BJP and its allies, to tell us? Sitaram Yechuri ersity should introduce such a subject, which will take the students to Middle Ages.

Pourohitya should not be taught in Indian universities since it will promote the age-old and outdated rituals, which do not have any scientific or ethical basis. Excerpts from the speech of Mr. UGC has circulated a note to all vice-chancellors of Indian Universities to introduce courses in Astrology at under-graduate, post-graduate and doctorate levels. ANS has strongly opposed this saffron move of the ruling Government since it gives sanction to dubious science. Our activists contacted vice chancellors of PuneUniversity , Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, BombayUniversity , NagpurUniversity and UttarMaharashtraUniversity in this regard and suggested that the course on astrology should not be introduced as directed by UGC since it is following the path of partisanship and regression.

Almost all the vice chancellors agreed to our stand and promised us that no courses will be introduced in their respective universities. MANS also arranged lectures at various places opposing the move of UGC to elevate astrology as an academic discipline. On one hand we have talented workforce in the field of information technology and still we are trying to pursue the studies already proved defunct. We are trying to laud our obsession with pseudo sciences such as astrology.

ANSinvited staunch supporters of astrology on the public platform to debate on the issue. A number of debates took place in various places and both sides presented their views. In this way the audience was able to make up their mind and convince themselves of the futility of astrology. We also arranged conferences at selected places and the gathering passed following resolutions unanimously:. The consumer protection act to be applied to all astrology practitioners since consumers incur heavy losses due to false predictions.

This was also one more Jamboree trumpeting their own glory especially while UGC has introduced astrology as a subject in a few universities. ANS utilized this occasion to bring home its point against such pseudo-science. We wrote letters to leading astrologers requesting them to submit the proof that astrology meets at least postulates.

Past experience shows that none of the experts come forward to put-forth their arguments, or at least a common sense explanation in support of their belief, perhaps it is not a debatable issue as far as they are concerned.


We also organized a state-level competition to narrate the horrifying experience faced due to false predictions by astrologers. In any other country this daylight robbery would have been prevented by the state itself under some law and the culprits involved would be put behind the bars. MANS units all over the state have been instructed to organize pledge ceremony for students who will publicly take oath condemning such malpractices and vow not to believe in astrology or horoscopes. For more than twenty-five years, Dr. Harness has studied both Eastern and Western techniques of astrology.

He presents workshops on Vedic Astrology and Transpersonal Psychology throughout the world. Matteo Zacchino. Matteo was born in San Remo, Italy on June 1st, The Italian Riviera beach town sits 20 minutes East from the Principaute du Monaco, on the bordering Italian coastline. Within the ups and downs of life, his creative curiosity to overhaul things, people and situations grew larger with time. A Yoga instructor with strong anatomical expertise, his style of teaching is thorough and technical yet spiritually focused in its foundations.

Inspired by the ancient knowledge of Vedic Astrology, he privately develops custom programs for students but also offers various yogic anatomy and spiritual alignment workshops.

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Mally Pacquette. Mally has been involved in the fitness industry for over thirty five years. YOGA remained her constant passion and became her focus after years of learning the subtleties of the body speaking to you. Zeffi Kefala. Her unique blending of all the traditions brings us more connected to the universal truth, which resides within all of us. Barry Rosen. Barry Rosen has been practicing Vedic astrology and consulting since and has specialized in practical applied techniques to isolate and address issues regarding karmic patterns.

His focus in these consultations is helping the client understand how much of our karma grips us through emotional and mental patterns that tend to form self-defeating beliefs. He then provides practical prescriptions to help individuals transcend these obstacles and move through their karma. He is a long-time teacher of meditation and yoga since and applies Vedic astrology to the financial markets through his business, fortucast.

Ruth Hartung. Goenka for the past 20 years.

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Currently she is leading an outreach project with Farashe Yoga studio in Ramallah, West Bank to train Palestinian yoga teachers to serve in their community and refugee camps. Pundit Samavedula. He began his training in the Vedas at age 7 taught by his grandfather, the late Brahma Shri Samavedula Narayana Shastri, who was a renowned Sama Veda Pandit that received an award from the President of India. His Center offers to individuals, organizations and businesses Vedic yagyas sacred ceremonies , homams ancient fire ceremonies , and pujas as prescribed in the Vedas and Shastras, the holy Indian scriptures.

By utilizing the sound vibrations of specific Sanskrit mantras, these performances can help alleviate many problems of our modern times. Alex Trenoweth. Alex Trenoweth is a London-based astrologer and frequent visitor to India where she is Secretary General and Vice Principal of Kirshnamurti Institute of Astrology KIA , a school with over currently active students and many illustrious alumni. Ksanati Nakshatra. Laura DesJardins. In addition, she is the author of "Time Passages," which was made into a report writer called "Midpoint Keys" by Matrix Software.

Laura has been interviewed by the Learning and Discovery Channel on a show called "Prophecies The Millennium and Prophecies of Nostradamus, She presently is the director of Southern California Astrological Network, which she founded in and was the former director of the Michigan Astrological Association. Laura Harness.

Laura S. She is a Jungian therapist who works with indigenous healing practices and is a sacred land guide for spiritual healing retreats in majestic red rocks of Sedona. Sherene Vismaya, M. Sherene Schostak, M. She specializes in depression, shadow work, anxiety, creative blocks, eating disorders, and relationships. Sherene has pioneered her own unique approach to Jungian and somatic healing modalities combined with her background in metaphysics inspired by her yearly pilgrimages to India.

She has been the resident astrologer for Elle Magazine for the past decade. Sherene teaches classes and workshops internationally. Naomi C. She has a B. She teaches astrology as a branch of sacred geometry and advises clients. She has authored Foundations of Astrology in and she has published two works of Carl Payne Tobey, who was her astrology mentor.

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Holly Zacchino. Swami Sankarananda. Swami Sankarananda is a peace pilgrim. After not finding happiness in what many called a successful business career he turned within and took a path which led him to disciples of H. Swami Sivananda. During sadhana with his guru in the Himalayas he was inspired by the parivajaka tradition and greatly influenced by the examples of Swami Sivananda's disciples along with Peace Pilgrim.

He took his monastic vows and returned to the USA in , beginning a two year pilgrimage for peace on foot with a coast to coast walk from January 1, When the walk ended he was offered an rv to continue traveling while living and sharing the way of peace - and in early was called to the Sedona, Arizona area to help a classical Yoga Ashram take root there.

Denny Thompson. Denny Thompson is a Chiropractic Acupuncturist, a holistic philosopher and Ayurvedic Medicine practitioner. He has been in practice for almost 30 years. Denny is also the author of 4 books. Mas Vidal. Yogi, mystic, and practitioner of Ayurveda, Mas has become one of the most influential yoga and Ayurveda teachers in the world and offers unique certification training programs throughout the USA, Asia, and India. Mas enjoys teaching integral yoga classes, offering health and wellness lectures and giving workshops that embrace core Ayurvedic principles. His work is primarily influenced by the lineage-based traditions of India, with prominence to the teachings of Yogananda and Sivananda.